The Cooperative is governed by a 5-member elected board of directors and a three-member supervisory board:

Board of directors

President: Panagiotis Stamatis

Vice President: Socrates Dimitrakis

Treasurer: Stavros Davaris

Secretary: George Davaris

Member: Spyridon Gazis

Supervisory Board:

President: Apostolos Margetis

Member: Dimitrios Davaris

Member: Dimitrios Priftis

We have 285 registered partners, who are also the driving force of the cooperative with their annual contribution of their grape production.

Our Cooperative is a member of KEOSOE (Central Union of Wine Cooperative Organizations of Greece), NEA PASEGES, and together with the Spata Viticultural Cooperative, the Koropi Agricultural Wine Cooperative and the Markopoulou Agricultural Cooperative, we have co-founded SASYME (Association of Mesogeia Agricultural Cooperatives).